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Benjamin Kay 2 years ago 0
Example markdown showing the error:

**What shall we write today?**
Nothing you need. Everything you don't.

Resulting appearance on right shows a long and incorrect space after the apostrophe in "don't".

This occurs on most but not all styles (above was **clearness dark**) but it is not triggered by the **github** style. See below that in the github style the space is not present.

Other diagnostic details:
Os: Windows 8.1
Haroopad Version: 0.13.1 64 bit.
rab f 3 years ago 0
Under review
François Beaubert 4 years ago • updated by Geoffrey Mégardon 3 years ago 6
Kinh Nguyen 3 years ago 0
Is that possible to have a tree view, kind of bookmark bar for header.
Usually I use Markdown to write a long document, then convert to tex with pandoc. No others markdown editor have this capabiliy.
Under review
Yeonho Ptahs CTO 2 years ago • updated by 모주영 1 year ago 5
32비트 최신 버전 사용중입니다. 64비트가 실행이 안되서 말이죠.
기본설정으로 테스트 용으로 문서를 만들려고 하던 도중에, 좌측 에디터에 영어 표기는 문제가 없습니다만, 한글을 입력할 경우, 표시가 전혀 되지 않습니다.

하지만, 우측 미리보기 화면에서는 제대로 표시가 되고 있습니다.

Ganapathy Ramadass 2 years ago • updated by Royi 10 months ago 3

I wish it has the feature of portability to carry in a USB thumb drive

Roger Marsh 3 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 3 years ago 4
If you open a file and make changes and then select the window control [X], the window closes without a prompt to save.

File, Close brings up the prompt
File, Quit brings up the prompt
Alessandro Facciorusso 4 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 3 years ago 9

In the source editor and in the viewer, the world that doesn't fit on the line, it results in a split word in the new line. For example: 

I'm not usi
ng the mous
e at this m

Luca Innocenti 3 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 3 years ago 1
After being closed with alt-F4 Haroopad doesn't reopen again. The process starts (I can see it in task manager) but the GUI doesn't show up.
I also tried killing the process or the process tree via task manager and then reopening the program but still nothing: the process starts but not GUI.

I use windows 7, version 0.13 of Haroopad.
Under review
YH Lai 3 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 3 years ago 1
Display diagram and math expression in presentation mode