The source tarball is corrupted,

Prateek Khandelwal 6 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 6 years ago 7

The tarball (32 bit version, linux) is corrupt, I am receiving the following message -

gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated
/usr/bin/gtar: Unexpected EOF in archive
/usr/bin/gtar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Yes, you are right.  

We have been attacked for a while from some guy.

please wait..

your deb package was pristine, generated rpm from it,

Cool Product !

Is the file still corrupt? Seems fine when I tar xfzv?

Parteek Khandelwal 
We have released a new version (v0.10).
Please test it on v0.10.
The tar ball is fine. However, I am not able to install the rpm (libudev.so.0 is missing) [I am using a fedora system]
Please refer to here. 
We're planning to spend time for RPM.