Export PDF / ODT

Uggy 7 years ago updated by Tomas 3 years ago 9
It would be nice if we could export also as PDF (with links clikable) and ODT.
Some peole could use the "Print / PDF file" but this is not available on all platform/os.
We have plan to support exporting other formats after v1.0
If you support PDF, then please with 'page break', to write * * * and get an new page in the pdf document.
'page break'  in PDF: Yes, need this too!
Hello guys,

Seems that is planned already for a year now, any progress? :-)
I already read on the page that its possible to export to pdf but I'm only able to do so when using a print to pdf option.

Carlos Soares.
Do you have issues printing to PDF in windows, e.g. with the letter "L" in the output PDF?
Still waiting for a solution to effectively export to PDF using Windows. I tried many "PDF printer" solutions, such as FoxIt, CutePDF and DoPDF but all of them presented the same bug: the letter "L" is rendered as a weird bar completely different from the normal rendering font.

I have problem with wrong l too. My l is bigger then the other letters and it is such ugly. Thank you for your help.