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Alessandro Facciorusso 6 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 5 years ago 9

In the source editor and in the viewer, the world that doesn't fit on the line, it results in a split word in the new line. For example: 

I'm not usi
ng the mous
e at this m

You can get more information about line-break in markdown editors.


Maybe I badly explained. The "problem" is in the editor, that splits the words at the end of line, leaving some letters of that word, at the beginning of the new line! :)

Fully understood. your explainning is great :-)
I think that this is very important in English. 
This will be supported.
In Vietnamese too :)
We'll have plan to support with next release(v0.12.0). Thanks for the waiting :-)

refs : https://github.com/rhiokim/haroopad/issues/325
Haroopad new version is out!! Please check this

Thanks for waiting