Viewer disapear

Uggy 6 years ago updated by Rhio Kim 6 years ago 6
v 0.10.0  / Windows 7 
In "Editor/Viewer" mode
I write 
## Header 2 
Typing 2 dashes with keyboard  -> The "viewer" disappear.
I must go to view / mode again to enable it again.

If I write 
"Header 2"
then select that text, then select "header 2" into the quick help on the left side -> viewer does NOT disappear (no problem in that case)

Tested the GnuLinux version. The problem does not appear.
Same problem here with Windows 8.1 and Haroopad v 0.10. I already had the problem with Haroopad v 0.9
Under review
It only happens when I type "## Header2" - but when I copy&paste the String "## Header 2"
ANN New version (v0.12.1) is out. 
Please checkout :-)