[0.9.1 under OSX 10.9.1]: freezing at startup

LEM 6 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 6 years ago 3
Each time I start haroopad, it opens 3 windows, and I can not perform any action (no editing, no close windows, no save, no open...) excepted the File/About that works.... 

I tried purging the ~/.Library/Savec Application Cache/com.haroopress.pad/savedState - and killing (Force Quit) and restarting haroopad -> no amelioration, same issue.

I'm stuck with an non functioning Haroopad under OSX :(
Try deleting Haroopad Application Folder `~/Library/Application Support/haroopad`
Please test it on v0.10.
Tested v0.10.0 -> fix the issue. MTHX!