Under review

Pandoc or Doconce support

François Beaubert 6 years ago • updated by Geoffrey Mégardon 5 years ago 6

Do you want to support pandoc syntax? 

Please tell me more detail ideas!

Yes that's it :)
I think that using Pandoc Markdown syntax could enlarge the field of use of Haroopad: pandoc is a very powerful and feature rich tool.

Anyway Haroopad is an excellent tool.
Thanks for developing it !
Under review

Although we've already prototyped using pandoc, we're planning to support 'plugin architecture'.

It will take some time for supporting pandoc.

this sound great.
I like to use pandoc syntax for academic writing. for this the markx editor (https://github.com/yoavram/markx) is quite good (feel free to get inspired)... but haroopad is just simpler and better as an editor. so like to stick with haroo.
Actually, I already use Haroopad with Pandoc, there is not a lot of problem of syntax compatibility for now.

The thing that could be great is to be able to open a console which run/execute a command on the current file from Haroopad.
We could save our created commands and they would be accessible from the menu, and we could also link those command to a keyboard shortcut like in Notepad++. That we could link Haroopad to anything basically.

Then, we could create a command: "pandoc current_file output.docx" and linked it to a keyboard shortcut.