Thanks! issue : Haroopad (v. 12.2) can't open markdown (.md) file directly under Win8.1's File Explorer.

alxz 6 years ago updated by Rhio Kim 5 years ago 4
Thank you for developing such a amazing markdown apps.

I'm using latest Haroopad v.12.2, under windows 8.1.
I've the issue of opening markdown file (.md) by drouble-click under Win8.1's "File Explorer" directly.

I tried to set the haroopad.exe's compatibility of file properties, to "run as admin" and/or change to compatible with diff. windows version (win8/7/XP, etc), but still can't solve the issue.

Alternately, I can drag and drop markdown file into Haroopad to open the files.

I don't know the issue relate to me only or a common issue.

Hope it'll be solved on next update.

Have a nice day!