How about footnotes?

winteum 6 years ago • updated by Kinh Nguyen 5 years ago 10
I use footnotes all the time. I know there is syntax for some MD versions. How about to add it?
This is not supported yet. But we have plan to support it after v1.0 or v0.11

Yep, this's what's missing, long for it!
Haroopad new version is out.
We are support to write footnote on v0.12.0
Hi, great news, but I cannot make it works, e.g. is the syntax difference? I used, e.g. see[^11]

[^11]: qwerty asdfghjkl mnbvcxz

and nothing change in the preview...
Preference > Markdown > Additional options > Checked "Use Footnotes"
That's right, sorry by bad :D. Thanks a lot!