[Mac] strikethrough mark issue

Joohee Kang 6 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 6 years ago 4

It seems to be a different result that I expected. 

Please check it. 

Hi Joohee.

'~~' is not a block tag on markdown.

   blah ~~words~~ blah 

If you want to use as a block tag <s> tags can be used.

As following:

   <s>## AAA

   ### BBB

   - CCC


* refs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strikethrough

OK, thanks for your reply. 

I think it'll be convenient to use strikethrough in block as MOU.


Does it work in MOU?

Oops, it's my mistake. It doesn't works in MOU, too. :(

I was simply under an illusion.