Preview browser and tables

Jan van Straten 5 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 5 years ago 4
Great product - and seems to be developing well.
Just one problem and one suggestion:

Wondering which embeded browser you use to render the preview. It does not seem to render all css formatting properly (as other mainstream browser engines do). Would you consider upgrading the browser?

This is probably a long shot (as it departs from the usual text-only nature of the editor region), but it has always been the one aspect of markdown which actually slows down writing rather than speeding it up: Would you consider showing a graphical rendering of tables in the edit area rather than the (hard to format) usual markdown syntax for creating tables. The underlying file can of course retain the usual markdown table syntax.

Keep up the good work.
Hi Jan van Straten. 

> Yes we'll have plan to upgrade embed browser version (Chrome 32.x)

> That's good idea. But we'll consider more.
New version is out. Happy new year.
Thanks for the waiting (Chrome 38.x)