Bug: User css can not overwrite some styles due to !important flag.

Jens Spille 5 years ago updated by Lauren Creed 1 year ago 4
Thanks for the software.
I tried to set the exported HTML page in the center of the screen, using 'html,body{ margin: auto; ..)' in the user css. However, because the themes css has set margin to '0!important' it can't be overwritten.
Can you please remove the !important statement in all themes css's? Or is there any other way use an empty themes css?
How to repead the bug:
In Preferences - Live-View choose github as theme and choose a personal css wich includes 'html,body{ margin: auto;}' and you will see that the exported page is NOT in the center of the screen.
I wait for an update.
Under review

I understood all.
I'll removed the !important statement in the viewer css with next release.

This release is really informative and shows a good example of a nature-friendly project we can all spend our time on. 2 person card games

Still thankful for this amazing software until this year.

Lauren  | healthybodyhealthymind.com