OS X: save is not bound to ⌘S

prasinous 5 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 5 years ago 4
Hello, thank you for your beautiful app!

Only one issue I found: on OS X, hitting ⌘S ... seems like it might save (there is no visual feedback).

But on the menu, there is no shortcut next to File | Save.

Could you make ⌘S save in the OS X app?  Any sort of visual feedback about the file being saved or the last time it was saved would be very useful!  Thank you.
I looked at the documentation, and it implies that save is bound to ⌘S.  


So I think I was just confused that there is no visual feedback about the save, and then I got worried when I looked at the File menu.
Under review
@Prasinous Sorry late.

I knew and want it too. :-) but it's not possible now.
This is develop base-platform issue. Please more waiting.
New version is out, Happ new year

And Haroopad has already visual feedback.

If opened file, Haropoad Title Bar is "Filename"
If edited file, Haroopad Title Bar is "Filename (Edited)"
If saved file, Haroopad Title Bar is "Filename"