can't write more than one mermaid graph

Kanzhi Zheng 3 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 3 years ago 5

can't write more than one mermaid graph

Under review


I've made new version package for next release. it's release candidate version, not official version


Could I get your feedback about it, If you have spare time for Haroopad?

Thanks a lot.


I tried Haroopad-v0.13.2-win-x64.msi. It works good. I wrote more than 10 graphs and they all been shown. Haroopad is a amazing software. It is the best one I have used. Thank you for giving us so good software.

0.13.2-x64.dmg can not open in mac after installing in application dir. can this bug be fixed?

If you try to launch first time after installing, please use mouse right click 'Open'Because Haroopad have not been code sign