Search bugs: case sensitivity issues

Fotis Kalafatis 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 0


I wanted to report 2 little bugs: There is something weird when searching~


If I have a small document with the word "text" written in different cases like in the image below I can detect 2 bugs.

Bug 1

Search is case insensitive only if I search with lowercase. In all other cases (uppercase, or mixed case eg. TeXT) it's case sensitive


If I search for "TEXT", it won't find anything. If I search for "texT" it will find the results in line 5, but Cmd+G (Find Next) won't show any other. But if I search for "text" it will highlight the results in lines 2 and 3 only, but with Cmd+G I'll be able to go through all 6 variants!

expected behavior:

Behavior should be consistent. whether i write TEXT,text,TexT,tEx, it should have the same Cmd+G(Find Next) behavior: It should either be case sensitive and allow only the exact case to be picked, or case insensitive and allow cycling through all 6 lines (for me preferably case insensitive)

Bug 2

the search algorithm of Cmd+G(Find Next) chooses different results from the algorithm of Cmd+F(Find)


If I search for "text", it will highlight only lines 2 and 3, but if I press Cmd+G, it will cycle through all 6 variants of the word tExT.

expected behavior:

Cmd+G should cycle through the same results that Cmd+F highlighted, not different!

that's all! Hope it helps!


PS. Thanks again for such a great piece of software~~~