Registered Windows handler not sound enough

Yongwei Wu 3 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 3 years ago 2

Haroopad seems to register the handler as:

%APPDATA%\Haroo Studio\Haroopad\haroopad.exe %1

This makes some files, when double-clicked, be opened in the 8.3 filename, like "GENERI~1.MD".

It can be easily fixed, if the handler is registered as:

"%APPDATA%\Haroo Studio\Haroopad\haroopad.exe" "%1"

Now my local problem is gone. And I wish this could be fixed in the official release to benefit others. ;-)


@Yongwei Wu

Great thanks a lot, I've struggled with this issue. But I was not found solution just moment ago. :-)

Thanks again.