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haroopad does not start on windows 8

mustno3 4 years ago • updated by Pierre Veber 3 years ago 3
After installing it, when I try to start the program the process starts and I can see its tree in the task manager, but that's it, i.e. the program's GUI does not start, which means at this stage I can not use haroopad at all. Please help.

p.s.: the same problem persists with the x86 version and the 64 version.

Same issue but on Windows 7(x64). I tried with the version x64 and x86. Although the 0.12.2 work well and the [version 0.13.0(x64)](https://bitbucket.org/rhiokim/haroopad-download/downloads) works !

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I've made new version package for next release. it's release candidate version, not official version


Could I get your feedback about it, If you have spare time for Haroopad?

Thanks a lot.

Had the issue on Win10 x64 with 0.13.1, your package did the trick. Thanks.