Windows 7 SP1 64bit cannot install

cheng 5 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 5 years ago 10
I download version 0.12.0, but I cannot install on my 64bit system.

Please tell me how to solve this.

Thanks very much.  :)
Also I download a tar.gz package for Linux 32bit, it cannot be opened with winrar. It reports the tar.gz is a bad package.

Must I download from the dorpbox source?my download software get some data from other mirror(may be P2P)
Under review
Could you please explain it a little bit in detail?
(Any screen captures or reproducing step)
finally, by the way of the official download but not P2P, I find this problem has been solved. software works well.
Win 8.1 x64 the same.
Install completed successfully. But after launch I have 2 processes and no one windows.
just  kill these two process and restart again.
Are you rly think I'm not tried that?))
I have the same problem. Haroopad is installed but not starting. There is start two processes as on picture from Alexander and nothing more. I use Windows 7 x64 with all updates and SP. 
Thank you for the info.
We'll have the time for about this on window platform. Please look forward to the next version.

Haroopad new version(v0.12.1) is out !
Please checkout :-)