index/toc in left side

HC Haase 6 years ago updated by Michael 4 years ago 8
to better overview large doccuments it would be nice to have an optional index tree in the left side
Under review
It already supports. and more thing "Haroopad" > Help > Markdown Syntax Help

[TOC "float:left"]

[TOC "float:right"]

Thank you for your reply... and a really nice editor!

let me explain a bit more in detail. I was thinking this as a tool in the editor screen, to navigate your document when editing. e.g. not visible in the output

something like the document map in lyx. see http://blog.oak-tree.us/wp-content/uploads/2009/05...

this has been quite usfull for longer text
Ah~ like widget.!! 
It was already implemented but has some bugs. wait a few days or weeks. :-(

Hi. Is this still planned? Would be really nice to have the TOC in a fixed sidebar when saving to HTML for longer documents.

On a related note, is it possible to add links in the text to headers? Couldn't see anything obvious in the syntax helper but I might have missed it!

Great great
good to know it is coming

maybe its time for a donation

Is this feature still planned? Abricotine has it. Could be implemented as alternative to the "Quick Markdown Help" widget on the left window frame.