Sync scroll does not always align properly text on both editor and preview

Uggy 6 years ago updated by Rhio Kim 6 years ago 0
It seems the text in preview is not always properly aligned to text in the editor. (Depend your file etc..)
It seems the method used by Haroopad to align editor and viewer is
"If you are at 50% of the total length of the editor, Haroopad display what is at 50% of the preview." ??

If this is the case, unfortunatly this does not work properly all the time...
Sometimes, text at 50% of the total lengh of the editor is located a 30% or 60% of the preview due to the CSS theme, or due to the text size, or TOC ..etc...
As result, you can't visualy see the same text in both editor and preview easily with the sync scroll.
To solve this problem, may be it could be possible to:
- look for the ligne in the editor that is in the middle of the editor screen.
- find the same ligne into the preview and put that ligne in the middle of the preview screen.
Exemple of text (Haroopad theme in viewer) to reproduce the "problem"
There is a ligne in the middle of the text
With Sync scroll enabled, and without scrolling separately the preview pane, you can't see AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA in both editor and preview panels. both are too far.