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hidepon4162 5 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 5 years ago 2
It is a Japanese input at the MAC, but there is a problem with the conversion.
It does not convert without pressing twice the space.
Could you please explain it a little bit in detail?
Under review
Sorry for not explaining enough.

As you might know, Japanese use hiragana and Chinese characters.
When you type Japanese sentences, first, you type the word in hiragana (using Romaji input system),and second you push a space key to convert hiragana to Chinese characters.
There are some Chinese characters equivalent of one hiragana word,
so you have to push a space key again to select the Chinese character you want to write
and push a enter key once to settle it.
When I used Harropad in my iMac,
I couldn’t convert hiragana to Chinese characters by pushing a space key once.
I pushed a space key twice, and then I could select Chinese character.
Besides, I needed to push a enter key twice to settle the Chinese character I selected.
When I used Harropad in windows using VMware,
this problem didn’t happen.
I could type Japanese sentences as usual.
I would like to use Harropad in Mac, so please check this problem and fix it.
If you have a question more, don’t hesitate to ask.