Bugreport: Can't open file if the path includes space

Hewei Liu 5 years ago • updated by Timothy Doolittle 2 years ago 6
Under Windows 7, Haroopad 12.2

If the file's path include space, it can't be open through double-click. 
New version is out. Happy new year :-)
I am having a similar problem using Linux. When I call haroopad from a command line with a filename that contain spaces, haroopad opens up but does not display the file. When I check for updates, it says I'm using the latest version.

I am having the same problem opening a file on Linux Mint. When I double-click the file or right-click to choose open file with haroopad that has spaces in the file name/path, it opens haroopad, but the editor is blank and it does not show the file name in the header. I am using version 0.13.1