Prompt on close if unsaved/edited.

Patrick Greenwell 5 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 5 years ago 5
Would it be possible to add in a prompt on close, if the document is unsaved/edited to save at that point? 

Flow would be:
1. Edit saved Markdown document.
2. Do File Quit or Close the Window or Shortcut key to close program.
3. Prompt with Dialog that document is unsaved and closing would cause changes to be lost.
4. Offer Buttons to Save & Close, Close without Saving, Cancel( stop the exit and revert to the program)

Actually it already has "the prompt on close" function, but not working 100% well

It's only working when I do "File - Close"
"File - Quit" and directly close the window will not show this prompt
I'm using the Windows version under Win 8.1
It looks like a bug. I hope it will be fixed...
ANN New version(v0.12.1) is out.

Improvement something but Application do not display prompt when terminated using by CMD + Q (Ctrl +Q) shortcut. 
We cannot fix it now.
improvement something more. :-) New version is out. Happy new year :-)