Binary package might accidentally be a .deb file?

Steve Hollow 2 years ago 0


I was trying to download Haroopad from http://pad.haroopress.com/user.html and there are several download packages linked on that page. One is labelled "Linux binary (64-bit)" and links to https://bitbucket.org/rhiokim/haroopad-download/downloads/haroopad-v0.13.1-x64.tar.gz

However, when I download and extract that file, the contents are three files:

  1. control.tar.gz
  2. data.tar.gz
  3. debian-binary

Is this accidentally a .deb file packaged as a binary file? I tried extracting the gzipped tars, and they didn't seem to contain anything I could run.

I'm not an expert, and not a Debian person, but I wouldn't mind being able to run HarooPad on Solus Linux, so I was hoping the binary archive would be something I could just extract and run a binary. Just wanted to ask if this was as expected, and flag this as a potential issue. Maybe I'm wrong, and this file is exactly what it's supposed to be -- in which case excuse me. Just trying to be a good Linux citizen and report what on first glance could be a minor issue.