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haroopad doesn't reopen after being closed on Windows 7

Luca Innocenti 4 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 4 years ago 1
After being closed with alt-F4 Haroopad doesn't reopen again. The process starts (I can see it in task manager) but the GUI doesn't show up.
I also tried killing the process or the process tree via task manager and then reopening the program but still nothing: the process starts but not GUI.

I use windows 7, version 0.13 of Haroopad.

Inline math not working in list.

zeranlu 3 years ago 0

Expected Behavior

Math expressions ($$$) should be displayed in-line in the list item.

Actual Behavior

Math expressions ($$$) is displayed as block math instead.

See attachment.


Windows 10 support

letalkram 3 years ago 0

Doesnt seems to work on Windows 10.

Launching program does litteraly nothing.

Tried compatibility mode but not working either.


GitHub Integration

Arnon 4 years ago 0
* Support linking a documentto a GitHub repo location
* Commit and push to GitHub
Under review

BibTeX and citations

Vladislav Korecký 5 years ago • updated by HC Haase 5 years ago 2
It will be nice to have support for BibTeX and citations in Haroopad.
Multimardown language supports this feature.

PS: Thank you for the best Multimarkdown editor.

Language configuration

Hewei Liu 5 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 5 years ago 2
Haroopad loads the default language from system automatically. But I think better provide a way of choosing language for user. For myself, I want to use English menus for better communication with my foreign colleagues, but I would keep Chinese as my default OS language...

I don't remember if I could choose language when I installed Haroopad on Windows, but on MacOSX I can't. Anyway, it's not a big issue. Just a small suggestion :)
Under review

Chinese characters display error in Preferences

weng 4 years ago • updated by Rhio Kim 3 years ago 1


libgconf dependency not in haroopad-v0.13.1-x64.deb

Noah 5 months ago 0
Libgconf dependency not included in haroopad-v0.13.1-x64.deb

/usr/share/haroopad/haroopad: error while loading shared libraries: libgconf-2.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Installing libgconf2-dev fixed this

The font size for all the menu's is to small for HiDPI monitors in Linux. Can we some how increase it?

gtrhtrh 2 years ago 0

I have 2 4k monitors in a KDE environment. KDE properly scales its applications but haroopad doesn't follow those settings and instead starts up super tiny. I didn't see a spot to increase the font size of the menu's, but it would be a nice feature to be able to do so, or follow what desktop environments have configured (KDE, GTK)


Extra line breaks inserted when file is saved.

Jonas 3 years ago 0

Every time I save my markdown file, extra line breaks are inserted in the document(visible the next time i open the file), causing for example tables to be corrupted. Has anyone else experienced this problem?