syntax highlight for list?

HC Haase il y a 6 ans mis à jour par saeed20 il y a 4 semaines 9
is ist possible to get sytax highlight on list and bold (* , and **text**)
i see it in the screenshots but not in my text
À l'étude
Could you please explain it a little bit in detail with example?
hmm strange 
there was NON of this highlight yesterday, but after reboot today all is good.
ah found the "problem"
*[space] produce highlight
*[tab] no highlight (but output list, and more readable markdown code)
Are you talking about editor side?
It'll be fixed with next release. thanks for the waiting :-)
As you already know, If you have set tab width more than 4, it is block code syntax in markdown. So it's not possible. it is specification - http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax#precode

Nevertheless if you want it, you have to change the tab width less than 4.