Only one mermaid diagram block per document is allowed

johannesrexx 4 år siden • opdateret af Ernest 2 uger siden 7
The first mermaid diagram renders correctly. Any subsequent mermaid diagrams do not render and only an empty box draws. This for v0.13.1 and reproduced on Ubuntu 14.04 and OS X 10.10.3
When I did create a second block of mermaid code HarooPad mistakenly drew the graphic over the top of the first block's box instead of to its own box.

Thanks for the reporting.
Yes It's known issue. Already fixed it in my working repository.
Please wait a next release. (v0.13.2)
It's the same problem on my MBP with osx 10.10.4 version.
When I open the markdown file for the first time it works fine and eacy diagram renders good. When I change anything in the diagram block, the issue occurs.

Waiting for fixed in next version. Can you give me some date of next release?

I'd love to get a copy of 0.13.2 that fixes this problem. Any idea of a timeline for that release?


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