Spell checker

Søren Mathiasen 11 лет назад обновлен Patsy J. Moore 6 лет назад 7

Would be really nice if there were some spellchecking


Is looking for a solution. however it's not easy. :-(

progress here


It would be really nice if it could support different language dictionaries from e.g. libreoffice or firefox ..
Just thought Id say this here, since Im assuming it kind of ties in. The trailing red squiggly line is slightly annoying, it follows all the white space between words, and is visually displeasing. Not trying to be nit picky, just thought Id mention.
Agreed. It doesn't do any spell checking at all. So it would be nice to turn off the red line.

Jesus, 4 years ago and still no spell checking... This is an absolutely mandatory feature for a document editor. It should have been built in from day one. I just installed Haroopad and it's a great editor. I love all the markdown options, but the missing spell checker is a killer for me. Uninstall - sorry.

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