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also even with use on a Mac, and correct me if I'm wrong because I'm not a Mac user, having a collapsible file tree with a hot key to open it saves a lot of time and space on the screen and especially helps when trying to use the application in any kind of distraction free mode type sense. Also Haroopad has a pretty slick interface and it would look pretty nice to have a sliding out panel area with the tree view. maybe with a slightly later background color but a flat design and when collapsed is invisible as it would reach the edge of the window.

by the way Glen tabs is a great idea in combination with this tie that in with in a feature to automatically export to HTML and you could use it to manage a flat file website very easily, or alternatively an option to automatically save PDF versions for documentation reasons. I guess that stuff would need to be a new ticket though on userecho.
Yes you may, I'd love the opportunity to help!

I'm not sure if theres a way to message me on userecho, but the best way to reach me is to email both of my email accounts:
* hexatex(at)gmail-com
* cory(at)rhinoagile-com
(at) == @, and - == .

Or msg me on FB:
Your response time is excellent. I literally depend on Haroopad everyday, so it is very comforting sign to see how dedicated you are to Haroopads development!