Your comments

Great great
good to know it is coming

maybe its time for a donation
ah found the "problem"
*[space] produce highlight
*[tab] no highlight (but output list, and more readable markdown code)
hmm strange 
there was NON of this highlight yesterday, but after reboot today all is good.
Thank you for your reply... and a really nice editor!

let me explain a bit more in detail. I was thinking this as a tool in the editor screen, to navigate your document when editing. e.g. not visible in the output

something like the document map in lyx. see

this has been quite usfull for longer text
this sound great.
I like to use pandoc syntax for academic writing. for this the markx editor ( is quite good (feel free to get inspired)... but haroopad is just simpler and better as an editor. so like to stick with haroo.
It would be really nice if it could support different language dictionaries from e.g. libreoffice or firefox ..